Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FLY Eliminators, - Horses-

FLY Eliminators
FLY Eliminators, 6-10 Horses-
by Kathys Show Tack

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Add Fly Eliminators beneficial insects to your operation Fly Eliminators are gnat-sized Parasites that feed upon and breed within developing (pupal) stages of manure breeding flies, eliminating the adult pest fly As the natural enemy of flies, tiny Fly Parasites target the next generation the Flys The female Fly Eliminator seeks out her host and deposits her eggs inside fly pupae. These eggs begin to grow and feed on the developing fly, thus stopping the adult pest fly from hatching. Fly Parasites reproduce in 2 to 3 weeks, constantly reinforcing the beneficial insect population.Pest flies reproduce at a faster rate than Fly Parasites; therefore, Fly Eliminators must be replenished on a regular basis.We recommend releasing a shipment of Fly Eliminators every 3 to 4 weeks under a fly control program that lasts throughout the duration of the fly season.

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