Thursday, March 15, 2012

Loyal Luxe The Lifeguard Dog Bow Tie, Black, Medium

Loyal Luxe
Loyal Luxe The Lifeguard Dog Bow Tie, Black, Medium
by Loyal Luxe

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Sporty, demonstrative and loves tanning in the sun, The Lifeguard doesn't hesitate to display his courage. The Lifeguard Bow Tie is perfect for dogs and cats who want to express themselves. Formerly worn exclusively with tuxedos or by bookworms, the bow tie is nowadays worn by anyone and in any circumstance. Stars and designers have made it a MUST for this season. The least one can say is that the Loyal Luxe Bow Tie will, without a doubt, be the canine or feline accessory to get heads turning. Ladies! Would you like to wear one as well? Don’t be shy because the Bow Tie is the unisex accessory par excellence. PSSST!!! Attention all felines, the Loyal Luxe Bow Tie will also fit you perfectly, but don’t sayanything. We don’t want anyone getting jealous… Medium bow tie measures 5.25 x 2.25-inches and fits collar sizes 5 to 28-inches, for pets 5 to 180 pounds. The collar is adjustable so it can fit even around the neck of a small kitten. The Loyal Luxe Bow Tie was not designed to be used with a hang a leash.

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