Thursday, April 5, 2012

Equi-Spot ml/ doses

EquiSpot 10
Equi-Spot 10 ml/3 doses
by Central Life Science/Farnam

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Spot-On Fly Control For Horses

Contains the active ingredient permethrin to kill and repel flies, gnats, ticks and mosquitoes on horses and foals over 12 weeks of age. Once Equi-Spot is applied you may see some fly reduction a few hours after application; however, it usually takes at least 24 hours for the product to completely spread and give maximum effect. May be reapplied every 14 days. Make sure your horse is free of excess dirt before use. Dosage: Equi-Spot comes in convenient 10 ml unit dose packages. Simply snap off the end of the tube and apply 5 ml along the back line starting at the top of head behind the ears, along the base of the mane, down the dorsal midline to the base of the tail. Apply 1 ml to the top of the forehead under the forelock. Stripe 1 ml on the front of each fore leg, from the ankle up to the knee and stripe 1 ml to the front of each hind leg, from the ankle up to the hock. Each package contains 3 - 10 ml applicators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Equi-Spot
Q: Is Equi-Spot with 45% permethrin a "weaker" product than other Spot-Ons containing 65% permethrin?
A: No, the Label dose for Equi-Spot is 10 ml. The label dose for 65% product is 6 ml. Both products deliver the same amount of permethrin to the horse.
Q: How can a few drops of Equi-Spot spread over the horse's body and protect my horse from flies?
A: Equi-Spot is a concentrated formula. It moves through the natural oily coating of your horse's coat and skin surface by several processes, including diffusion, capillary action and transfer from hair to hair as your horse moves.
Q: What if my horse sweats or gets wet in the rain?
A: The ingredients in Equi-Spot are not soluble in water, so water has a minimal effect. Equi-Spot remains in the natural water repelling oily layer of your horse's coat and skin surface. However soaps wash away part of the natural oils of your horses coat and skin, and will also remove some of the Equi-Spot, reducing efficacy.

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