Thursday, April 5, 2012

Petco EZ-Snap Refill Shaggy Cat Toy, ." Length

Petco EZSnap
Petco EZ-Snap Refill Shaggy Cat Toy, 13.5" Length
by Petco

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Petco EZ Snap Refill Shaggy Cat ToyOur Petco EZ Snap Refill Shaggy Cat Toy is the perfect solution to keep things going during playtime. Your fur-ocious feline is sure to have a great time playing with your Petco EZ Snap Teaser Wand, but at some point the toy will wear out as all toys do. This refill will save the day! These stretchy, dangly, shaggy tails provide enticing motion and kick your kitty's hunting instincts into high gear. The bell adds sound excitement to the fun and games. So just when you think it is time for a break, you can switch out the old toy for this new refill toy and the excitement continues. Your kitty will enjoy healthy exercise cleverly disguised as batting, chasing and jumping fun.

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