Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pioneer Pet Big Max Ceramic Pet Water Fountain oz. (White)

Pioneer Pet
Pioneer Pet Big Max Ceramic Pet Water Fountain 128 oz. (White)
by Pioneer Pet

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Pet fountains help your animals to drink more water because they are attracted to moving water. In the past the only option you had for an automatic pet fountain was a plastic one. Now finally there is a stainless steel pet drinking fountain that looks like it belongs in your kitchen. Our stainless steel drinking fountain is extremely easy to take a part and clean. There has never been a pet fountain that looks or works as well as this one does.

This item is plugged in and runs on a pump. The pump must be cleaned weekly to avoid clogging which will cause the pump to stop working. The pump consists of 4 pieces which must be taken apart and cleaned on a regular basis so the impeller inside can turn freely. It also includes a one year warranty from the manufacturer, whose information is included in the manual.

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  1. I buy a pet water fountain here for my pet, and I know this kind of product was very nice in standard. I have a pet dog and I take care for them. I don't want to drink them any where because I care for their health.