Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PlayaPup Dog Diaper, Floral Pink, X-Small

PlayaPup Dog
PlayaPup Dog Diaper, Floral Pink, X-Small
PlayaPup by TUGA

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PlayaPup Pup Diaper can be used as a cover over disposable diapers or use a panty liner to absorb urine. PlayaPup pup diapers are designed for male or female dogs that are incontinent or for pets that experience excitable urination. They are also great for housebreaking puppies, for female dogs in heat or as a breeding control. THEY EVEN WORK FOR CATS!! Made with soft inner lining that wicks away moisture, inner waterproof liner, outer layer of high quality stretch nylon/lycra. Soft elastic around legs assures a leak proof fit, and elastic band in front creates a pouch to assure coverage for male dogs. Waist velcro hook and loop closure allows for adjustability. The diaper design allows it to expand to catch all fluids and solids. Use of a disposable absorbable liner will catch all liquids. For light seasonal flow or minor excitable urination the garments may be used alone, or in conjunction with the absorbent liners. Velcro hook and loop closure around tail hole can be adjusted for a better fit. Diapers are made from UPF 50+ rated nylon/lycra fabrics, which is the highest sun protection provided by apparel, and block 97.5% of harmful UV rays. All our PlayaPup apparel, belly bands and hats are made from CHEMICAL FREE fabrics! No sunscreen needed (for covered areas) for sensitive pooches. Female and Male diapers follow the same sizing. TO FIND THE SIZE CHART: Select a random color and size (a link will appear right below the color that will take you to the correct size chart by PlayaPup). Sold as single units.

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